Services and Pricing

The following pricing options are provided to give you examples of the price ranges that you can expect for our services.  Pricing is dependent on the level of expertise required.

However, EdConsulting.Org will work with you to put together a package that will work with your budget.

Support Services

Isolated Issue ResolutionSomething just not working right? Don’t have time to figure out the problem? EdConsulting.Org can help resolve isolated issues for you at a reasonable hourly rate. We have experience in all aspects of site configuration and administration and are here to help you with your problem.$50 per hour billing in 1/2 hour increments.
Support ContractIf you need ongoing support or someone to fully administrate your site, EdConsulting.Org can handle that. We offer support contracts on your terms. Monthly, annually, based on hours per week or number of users. We can provide administration support and/or user support.Monthly, annually, based on hours per week or number of users.
Installation and SetupEdConsulting.Org also provides installation and setup on your server. Let us handle the setup for you and you can concentrate on something else!Upgrades starting at $45.00
Install and initial configuration of your site (e.g. Moodle/Joomla/Wordpress) on Linux servers starting at $250.00
Joomdle install and configuration starting at $150.00
OptimizationDiscuss your needs and wants with us and we can recommend and install plugins that will help you and your teachers have a better experience.Needs evaluation and recommendations starting at $100
Theme CustomizationRates available on request.

Training Options

Customized Trainings
EdConsulting.Org will customize any training to your specific environment and needs. Tell us what you need a training on and we will tailor is specifically for you.
Teacher trainingHave an EdConsulting trainer take care of your teacher trainings. From Training 101 to more advanced topics, EdConsulting can put together a training that will give your teachers the knowledge they need to be successful with your software (Moodle/Powerschool/Smart Notebook) installation.$400 a day via video
$500 a day + expenses onsite
Administrator trainingEdConsulting.Org also offer administrator training in management and setup of your site.$450 a day via video
$550 a day + expenses onsite