Emma Richardson (founder of EdConsulting.Org) has worked with Educational Technology for the past ten years.  She currently works as the Distance Learning Coordinator for a group of rural K12 school districts in Colorado and manages a video conferencing based distance learning program that services 17 school districts.  She also administrates various Moodle and PowerSchool installations and specializes in creating and delivering trainings for various technologies including Moodle, PowerSchool, Smart boards and basic computer and Office applications.Emma is a member of the Particularly Helpful Moodlers group being an active contributor to the Moodle forums.  She has presented at Moodle Moots including the 2013 and 2014 Mountain Moot and the 2014 New Orleans Moot.  Emma is willing to customize trainings for your staff and can cover many topics and areas.  In addition to trainings on the products listed above, Emma will also offer trainings on Teaching with Video, Blended Learning, and Flipped Classrooms.  Moodle has been integral to Emma’s program for the past six years and Emma has experience in all aspects of Moodle, from install (Linux environment) to end user support.Emma also used to contract with Pearson as a PowerSchool trainer and has experience in initial PowerSchool training across all areas.  After being successful in securing grant for Smart Boards, Emma also integrated Smart Boards into the Distance Learning environment and handles training for both standard classroom and distance learning teachers on the Smart Notebook software and Smart Board use.Emma recognized that there is a gap in the support areas for many of the independent Moodle users who might just need occasional help or who want to have the freedom that comes with self-hosting but still need administration support.  She created EdConsulting.Org to help address this need and to provide a range of reasonably priced training and support options for the educational community.